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At 8 Limbs, you will find Hatha and Flow/Vinyasa Yoga classes that are instructional, insightful, and appropriate to your level of yoga experience. Our experienced and highly trained instructors bring their own expertise and passion to their classes.

Beginner Yoga – Brand new to yoga? This is the class for you! Get started with basic postures and breath awareness in a supportive environment, in the comfort of your own home.

Level I – Ongoing classes for the Beginning or Continuing student who wants to focus on learning the basics of yoga postures, breathing practices, and concepts.

All Levels – Our most popular Hatha Yoga classes embrace the range of levels, with variations offered when possible. All Levels + Pranayama has a focus on breath work.

Flow – This dynamic yoga practice flows between poses with breath to move you and your body (includes Ashtanga).

Gentle – Gentle stretches with breathing for grounding and relaxation; great for seniors or for students who simply prefer to move at a slower pace.

Restorative – Postures are practiced using props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps to relax, restore, and rejuvenate.

Yoga for Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) is a space for solidarity and healing between BIPOC folks presented in partnership with  Àṣẹ Asana. Proceeds for this class will go to Feed the People Community Kitchen.

Core + Pranayama – This class will warm you up with fluid asana and focus on core stability and pranayama practices. Strengthen your body, balance your nervous system, steady your mind, and create vitality.

Yoga + Barre – Ballet-inspired combination of Pilates, strengthening, and movement incorporated into an all levels flow class with sun salutations, breath work, and stretching.

Yoga + Weights – Using primal movement and weighted* exercises this class will bring strength and stability into your regular yoga practice. *handweights, soup cans, water bottles, etc.

Yoga Tune-Up® – Gentle to moderate class focused on strength building and fascia release. Please have two YTU or tennis balls for myofascial massage/rolling.

Conditioning –  Work both on strength and cardiovascular fitness without any additional equipment, just your own body weight.

Yin – Yin yoga explores and works with the connective tissue or fascia of the body. Postures are passive and held for a length of time to increase awareness and prana flow to targeted areas.

Yoga Nidra – Guided deep relaxation to support nervous system regulation and restful sleep.

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The Sanskrit word “Hatha” relates to the use of force. Hatha Yoga refers to the use of yoga postures to strengthen and balance the body. In our hatha classes there will be minimal use of flow and more of a focus on the cultivation of steadiness and ease. These classes are a great option for those wanting to work on refining and/or holding postures.


Classes marked as “Flow” will move with the breath from pose to pose and have a more dynamic pace (also referred to as Vinyasa yoga). Flow classes are geared towards students looking for a stronger, more movement-based practice and are a good option for intermediate to advanced practitioners with some previous yoga experience.


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    All Levels classes embrace the range of levels, with modifications and opportunities to intensify or simplify as needed.

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Gentle and restorative classes offer opportunities to practice with less exertion or movement. Click Learn More for class descriptions.

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Meditation/Yoga Nidra

This widely utilized contemplative practice supports our mental, physical and emotional bodies. Learn to focus your mind and connect to presence.

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