I remember the year I noticed just how much my knees were bumping up against the underside of the kids table at family gatherings, and feeling both the excitement and nervousness of understanding I would soon be invited to the grown-ups table.

This year, the year we turn 21 as a business, has felt a lot like that year. Like a rite of passage earned by navigating the growing pains and joys of childhood, along with the ups and downs of our teenage years. The muscles and bones of our business are more fully developed. This allows us to inhabit a bigger seat making way for a broader range of offerings with greater depth. We’ve been around the block more than once which grounds our instincts with practical experience. We have more to contribute in collective conversations. And just as human brains mature in adulthood in ways that curb self-centered and impulsive behaviors, 8 Limbs is growing into its best shape to care for and tend to others.

Making it to 20 inspired some lofty thoughts about the way we might show up at the table moving forward. Turning 21, though, an age marked in our society as being able to legally drink, feels sobering. With the executive function of our collective brain kicking in we better understand how much it’s not all about us. 8 Limbs was created to be of service and we are in a better place than ever to do just that: be of service.

Pulling up a chair at the grown-ups table brings with it responsibility. The responsibility to show up with increased presence, inside and outside studio doors. The responsibility to retire naivety and simply not knowing when it comes to our blind spots. And the responsibility to pace and tend to ourselves; we’re simply not as spritely nor as easily excused for missteps as when we were younger.

We took this responsibility, along with the excitement, very much to heart earlier this year. We spent a day, as we do every two years as an admin team, creating a two-year strategic plan. If you’re not familiar, a strategic plan is an organizational roadmap of sorts. In our case, it’s a roadmap on how to channel our attention and energy to best support a thriving community and business.

Over the next few months we will flesh out action steps to bring this plan to life. In the meantime, we want to share with you our behind-the-scenes guide to working towards earning and inhabiting our seat at the grown-ups table.

8 Limbs Yoga 2017 – 2019 Strategic Plan
We commit to strengthening community through the practice of sraddha, a Sanksrit word referring to heart focus. The focus of our heart will be placed on nurturing our whole community:
• Our teachers and staff
• Our students
• Our offerings
• Our field
• Ourselves

Our aim is to meet each of these facets with presence, compassion, and spark. Our intention is to create a welcoming oasis in Seattle where all people can feel cared for and refreshed while experiencing spaciousness and connection.

Posted by: Ashley Dahl, Executive Director

Neighborhood Studios