I’ll ask you first: what grounds you? What helps you to feel on the ground, to feel mentally and emotionally stable, to be “sensible and realistic” (acc. to Merriam Webster!)? Take a moment and feel what grounded is like in your body.

For me grounded feels soothing. It feels like being at home in my body. It feels like my skin, but really my mammal fur, settles down. I am more present when I am grounded, more available for connection, for creativity, for conscious activism.

In this time of upheaval, we have many choices. We can be uprooted. We can be distracted or distorted. We can follow the drama, or get caught in judgment or fear. We can also choose to stay on the ground, and from there, we are more able to act out of wisdom, presence, and compassion.

I think part of why I have been practicing yoga so long is because it has the immediate effect of grounding me. When I access these poses and breath practices, and when I sit still to meditate, I become more steady and stable, more down to earth. From this I make better decisions, and am more of service to others, not just to my own survival instincts.

What grounds you? And how does being grounded affect how you feel and act?

For many, the ground is truly shifting all the time. Our economy has left many people behind, making basic needs hard to address. This year 8 Limbs has chosen the non-profit Solid Ground to receive the proceeds from all four of our Thanksgiving Day Benefit Classes. Solid Ground is a locally-based non profit working to end poverty and undo racism and other oppressions that are root causes of poverty.

We invite you to come and focus our collective energy on Thanksgiving morning. We’ll practice together and join forces to support Solid Ground.

May your November be filled with grounding, gratitude, and great big love!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Founder 8 Limbs

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