At the beginning of the month 8 Limbs owner Anne Phyfe Palmer opened her newsletter with two potent sentences – Money. It’s a sensitive topic! Behind the scenes at 8 Limbs, we’ve been diving into that sensitivity. In a recent admin meeting we reflected individually and as a group about our relationships with money. What and whom has shaped the attitudes we each have about money? How do our personal beliefs influence our “professional” judgement? When is that helpful? Not helpful? We weren’t trying to solve anything, or come to a money consensus. What we were trying to do was bring unconscious habits and attitudes about money into our conscious awareness.

What is your relationship with money? How does this relationship support and/or not support you? Below are three resources we’ve found helpful in navigating money sensitivity.

Mind Over Money – This Mindful magazine article offers a three-part practice to improve your personal relationship with money. (If you are a Mindful magazine subscriber, you might want to check out their October issue feature article on money shame.)

It’s Not About The Money – In this book Yogi/Financial Advisor Brent Kessel gets into the why and how of addressing one’s emotional relationship with money. He outlines common money personalities and how to lean into one’s practice to best work with personal tendencies.

The Energy of Money – Written by clinical psychologist and life coach Dr. Maria Nemeth, this book unpacks the way our attitudes about money play out in all facets of life. It also includes practices to align one’s money habits with deeper life aspirations.

Posted by: Ashley Dahl, MSW, 8 Limbs Leadership Coach

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