I am a vinyasa girl. I adore the fluid movement combined with pranayama (breath control). With this style of yoga, I feel I am in a divine dance
with the sacred as I practice; my mind stills and I experience the grace of moving meditation.

Most vinyasa sequences are Ashtanga based and built around Sun Salutations: Surya A and Surya B and are intended to build heat, stoke the Agni (inner fire) and burn up impurities creating strength and health through regular practice. I’m all for it! I’ve spent many hours exploring the vitality of sun energy through these practices.

Lately, though, I have been exploring lunar energy through building sequences around moon salutations and feel inspired to incorporate more of this Chandra energy in my practice and classes. I have felt it bring a much needed balance to my life and am excited to offer two workshops at 8 Limbs West Seattle around Mother and Father’s Day that focus on Sun and Moon.

Hatha yoga translates as Ha (sun) Tha (moon) yoga (to yoke, union) so basically the intention of this ancient practice is to join/balance the solar and lunar energies in our bodies/minds.

Surya energy is masculine, warm, light, active, logical, left brain energy and flows through a channel called Pingala nadi on the right side of the body with emphasis on the right nostril.

Chandra energy is feminine, cool, dark, passive, intuitive, right brain energy and flows through a channel called Ida nadi on the left side of the body with emphasis on the left nostril.

In the Chandra Workshop we will dive deep into lunar sequences and yin postures, mantra and pranayama techniques that unlock energies to calm the mind while restoring and rejuvenating the body through guided meditation.

In the Surya Workshop we will begin with meditation techniques to still the mind as we embark on the sacred practice of 108 Surya Namaskar (sun salutations). I have done this practice myself many many times and find nothing else compares to the stillness of mind I experience as I flow through this mala of movement. Why 108?

I hope to see many of you at these workshops to share the depth of these practices and the importance of balancing Chandra and Surya energies on and off our mats.

Posted by: Terilyn Wyre
Register now for Terilyn’s Chandra (Moon) Practice online at: http://bit.ly/iocp2b.

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