Patanjali SachaIn addition to our monthly Teacher Profiles, 8 Limbs is now publishing monthly Student Profiles. This is where you, our community, can share about your practice and experience with yoga and life. Want to be profiled? See this blog post! We want to hear from you! Our November Student Profile is of Patanjali Sacha.

Name: Patanjali Sacha

Neighborhood: West Seattle

8 Limbs Studio(s) you attend: The work-study program in West Seattle provided me with affordable prenatal yoga throughout my pregnancy. It was such a gift to work with the knowledgeable and friendly teachers and staff.

Practicing Since: 2000

I’m Kind of a Big Deal Because: I sat in a tree for 10 days to keep a highway from destroying the largest remaining wetlands in Northern California and a native salmon run. Which was only marginally more difficult than sitting a 10-day silent meditation retreat while 32 weeks pregnant.

Hobbies/interests: Herbal medicine, ancestor worship, altars, communing with nature, cosmogonic archaeology, crossword puzzles, and chocolate.

Favorite yoga practice/pose and why: Uddiyana Bandha.It is translated from Sanskrit as “Upward Flying Lock” (don’t you just love that?!), in addition to providing a deep abdominal massage, releasing toxins from the internal organs and revitalizing sexual health, Uddhiyana Bandha is one of the most powerful postures for sublimating sexual energy, and maintaining physical vitality. I think it is in the Gerhanda Samhita that they refer to it as “the elephant to the lion of death.”  It helps me to feel balanced and clear. I am less reactive and emotional and able to be present in my life when I have a regular practice of Uddhiyana Bandha. Since giving birth to my son, it has helped so much in restoring my pelvic health. Plus it gives me a fun tingly feeling all along my spine and at the crown of my head.

Movie/book that changed your life:

It’s too hard to pick just one…here’s my short list:

1. bell hooks ‘Outlaw Culture’

2. Hafiz ‘And I Heard God Laughing’ (trans. Daniel Landinsky)

3. Stephen Harrod Buhner ‘The Secret Teaching of Plants’

4. Starhawk ‘The Earth Path’

5. Ina May Garskin ‘Spiritual Midwifery’

One secret that helps you to stay healthy is: I have been really enjoying drinking Golden Milk. An ayurvedic drink whose main ingredient is turmeric, it’s been a warming treat as we transition into the winter. I make mine with almond milk, elecampagne honey, cardamom, and cayenne.

Currently inspired by: My family, motherhood, whales, honeysuckle, rebuilding the village

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