Fall approaches, sweeping in with winds of change that we’ve felt these last few days. It beckons us inward for warmth and reflection, it brings back-to-school memories (or actual back-to-school preparations) and can be a great time to deepen our practice of yoga.

At 8 Limbs we enter into a season of wonderful workshops and series taught by our experienced staff of teachers. Make sure to view the Events Calendar to see what is coming up of interest to you!

We are also reintroducing monthly themes that teachers can bring into their teaching.

This go-round I have chosen words that start with the same letter of the month to keep it easy and fun. In September, our focus is on two words that the ancient sage Patanjali says are essential to our practice of asana, sthira and sukha. Yoga Sutra II. 46 says: Sthira sukham asanam: the seat (asana) is steady and comfortable. Sthira means steady or stable, and sukha means ease or comfort.

There are also many more amazing words in Sanskrit that begin with S. Pick one for yourself and learn a new word. Sadhana, for example, means spiritual path or practice, and sadhaka is one on a spiritual path.

From one sadhaka to another, Happy September and almost fall. Hope to see you on the mat!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

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