I don’t know about you all, but there hasn’t been much in my life lately that has been static. Our planet and are society are experiencing rapid change, while a virus moves swiftly and continuously through our cities and towns. And we are all trying to absorb and process this lightening pace, when our bodies can only move at the speed of the body.

The yogis that passed down this practice knew that the one guarantee in life was change. They developed ways to find sthira, the Sanskrit that means steady (its root is sta, sound similar to the English words stable, static, steady, stillness, and stay?). One of them was āsana, the yoga postures, or poses. As much as we may focus on the precise alignment and sequencing of these postures, the main instruction in Pātañjali’s Yoga Sutra is that the āsana, the seat, be both sthira and sukha, steady and easeful.

It makes sense that the body is the way through. It is our vehicle, our home for this lifetime, and it is how we process everything around and within us. And it is our place to find a seat, to cultivate steadiness, and from which to move with clarity and discernment.

In this time of constant motion, can you find your seat?

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Founder and Director of Education & Programming

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