A handful of years ago we began an annual tradition at 8 Limbs: coming together for the month of February in a community-wide commitment to practice. At a time when New Year resolutions often begin to lose their luster while the actual new year gains traction, we devote ourselves to several core yoga questions. Why really do we practice yoga? What constitutes a yoga practice? And perhaps most importantly, what is my practice?

We do this by committing to practice every day for 28 days. Specifically, we commit to:

  • Being open to what all eight limbs of yoga have to offer.
  • Listening to, and in turn befriending, not just our bodies but our whole selves.
  • Recognizing the numerous formal and informal opportunities to practice. Yoga happens in studios as well as on the road, in nature, in a quiet moment…
  • Experiencing what it’s like to carve out time and space to practice for 28 consecutive days, whether we’re in the mood to practice or not.
  • Giving and receiving support within community – with those practicing all 28 days with us as well as those simply showing up on the mat next to us or in our lives.
  • Understanding that while practicing for 28 days in a row may be challenging, making a commitment to ourselves lies at the heart of this collective tradition.

This year our tradition looks a bit different. Check out our 28 Day Commitment page to learn about what is staying the same and what will be different. Two key differences are:
• You need not register this year, and participation is free for all.* You’ll simply need to pick up a 28 Day punch card and wristband at your home studio. *These will be available by the last week of January.
• Rather than receiving daily inspiration and support from 8 Limbs via email, you’ll find it on a special 28 Day calendar at each of our four studios throughout the month as well as each day on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

For 2017, we’re focusing on the theme “Trust in the Goodness of Your Practice”. We’re also adding four special classes to further unpack our theme and the concept of commitment (see below for more details). I hope you’ll join us this February so together we can discover what it’s like to trust in the goodness of our practice.

Posted by: Ashley Dahl, 8 Limbs Executive Director


28 Day Commitment Classes  / Sundays in February, 12:30 – 1:45pm

  • February 5th All Levels Flow at Wedgwood w/ Martiza: Finding Yourself in Yoga
  • February 12th All Levels at Phinney Ridge w/ TBA: The Inherent Goodness within Yoga & Ourselves
  • February 19th Yoga Nidra at West Seattle w/ Tracy: Cultivating Trust in One’s Inner Teacher
  • February 26th Restoratives at Capitol Hill w/ Adi*: Putting it All Together…Trusting in the Goodness of Your Practice

* Immediately following the February 26th class we’ll hold a closing ceremony (with tea, treats & giveaways), 1:45 – 2:30. More details to come.


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