Every year as this season of giving rolls around, I begin to reassess my goals for our family’s holiday traditions. What do I want my children to learn and remember? What seeds am I planting for their future holidays with their own children? What did my parents do that I treasure?
In a world that stresses materialism over spirituality it is difficult to make sense of it all. What I want my children to learn is that receiving gifts provides only a fraction of the satisfaction that giving away one’s love and energy can. I want to imbue their holiday traditions with a spirit of generosity and unconditional love. But how?
It is easy to feel that my days are spent in service to my family, since my primary job is as a stay-at-home mom. But if I want to take my yoga practice further, I need also to look further into ways that I can serve my larger community, ways to practice the selflessness of Karma yoga.
It can be extremely challenging to find ways to volunteer with children, but this last year my diligent searching finally came to fruition. On Thanksgiving my husband, two daughters ages 6 and 2, and I were given the opportunity to serve our community a beautiful and free meal. The day was transformative for us all; unquestionably, this is just the beginning for us. As we continue to create a family holiday true to our own values, we will deepen our commitment to our yogic practice as a family as well.

Happy New Year!

Posted by: KT

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