Amy_Reed_orig_1To complement the focus on daily asana practice we have suggested in our 28-Day Commitment, the workshops scheduled in February all focus on different aspects of yoga. This weekend’s offering is Origins of Yoga. We recruited resident Yoga History enthusiast Amy Reed (see last month’s Teacher Profile for more info!), to teach this two hour workshop on Sunday, February 16 at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill:

What is Yoga? Where did it come from? Is it a religion? How did it become so popular in the West?

Your yoga practice didn’t happen in a vaccum!  It has long, winding, historical and cultural context that is surprising and down right inspiring. Did you know that what we call “Yoga” in the West today is really different than what it meant for the first 4,500 years? Or that there were many different “Yoga’s” over the course of history?  Or that the Buddha & his teachings had a significant influence on what we call ‘Classical Yoga’?   Or that the early texts on asanas (the postures) claim that they result in immortality?  Or that Surya Namaskar might have its origins in a combo of Swedish gymnastics and anti-colonial militias? 

 Yoga truly is a living conversation that you can participate in, but it also has deep & complex roots that deserve respect and study. Through a better understanding of Yoga’s origins, we uncover our own personal meaning for practice, which is essential to our own authenticity & progress on our path.

– Amy Reed

Students will have the opportunity to learn more about one of the most evolved ancient cultures in the history of humanity, and about Yoga’s shamanistic roots, as well as about how globalization and colonialism significantly influenced Yoga in the West today.  As Amy describes, “It’s a fun, fascinating ride!”  If you are a 28-Day participant, remember you are entitled to a 20% discount on workshops throughout the month of February.

Additionally, the 8 Limbs boutiques carry a number of great books on this topic. Talk with your Teachers or ask our Desk Staff if you’d like suggestions. Our free monthly Many Paths Panel Series (first Sunday evening of each month @6:30pm) also provide an opportunity to engage in yoga philosophy conversations.

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