Culturally as an Italian, I am used to speaking in a loud tone of voice and interrupting other people – which means I am showing my interest in what you are saying, can’t you tell?!

Seeing the intention behind someone else’s actions, connecting with what matters deeply to both of us can help understand each other better and find connecting solutions instead of potential conflict.

Yoga has been helping me find my center, calm me down a bit, and help me interrupt people less, since 1983. When I found NonViolent Communication (NVC) I learned how to stabilize my initial responses and hold someone else’s needs with the same regard as my own. The result? Lower blood pressure, more space for listening, and a modulated tone of voice.

I am passionate about sharing NonViolent Communication and hope you’ll join me this Saturday, November 18, for a workshop that combines the study of this powerful system with restorative movement on the Somat, another of my passions. We are calling it Embodied Communication, to speak to the importance of being present in one’s body when practicing truly conscious communication. I hope you’ll join us!

Posted by: Chiara Guerrieri

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