Since Melina began her sabbatical a few months ago, I have spoken with many students who have begun to explore and enjoy other 8 Limbs teachers, but who all very much miss Melina’s classes. I myself, miss her deep, grounding classes, and the powerful poses we explored. As someone who resonates with the natural cycles, I also very much appreciated her approach of offering poses and practices geared toward each of the seasons.

While we don’t have the benefit of having Melina here in Seattle with us at this time, we do have her Yoga for the Seasons DVD available at our boutique for those students looking to have the benefits of Melina’s practice and teachings. Home practice is a vastly different experience than studio classes, however, DVDs can provide a great tool to deepening one’s own practice and are perfect for those who do a fair amount of traveling. In addition, Melina’s first DVD focuses on the Fall, so its perfect for those students looking to dive into the change in seasons we’re currently experiencing.

Yoga Journal also recently picked up Melina’s Yoga for the Seasons DVD and gave it a glowing review in their October, 2010 issue. Below is Yoga Journal staff writer, Richard Rosen’s full review (I couldn’t have said it better myself!):

“Melina Meza, co-director of the teacher training program at Seattle’s 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, has what I consider to be the three important ‘I’ qualities: She is intelligent, insightful, and inspiring. The premise behind her DVD series, Yoga for the Seasons, is that the content and pacing of our daily yoga practice should be tailored to the energetic quality of the time of year.”

“This DVD presents her fall practice: an 8-minute instruction on engaging the bhandas; a 4-minute tutorial that shoes the basics of foot placement, pose form, and self-adjustments; a 45-minute vinyasa sequence; and a 9-minute agni (sacred fire) practice, which is essentially an abdominal-strengthening sequence.  Well conceived and well executed as this sequence is, I’m not convinced it would be any less beneficial if practiced in winter, spring, or summer.  Except for the agni practice, which will give many students a run for their money, this sequence is recommended for all moderately experience students…no matter the season.” – Yoga Journal, October 2010 Media Reviews

So, while we don’t have the benefit of having Melina here with us in Seattle, our hope is that while she is away she’ll be working on more exciting ventures like this Yoga for the Seasons DVD.

Posted by: Megan Costello, Capitol Hill Studio Manager

While you are checking Melina out in Yoga Journal you can also read an article (“Legendary Poses”) in the same issue about the stories behind many of the names of yoga poses, some of them sages and deities from Hindu lore. Douglas Ridings will teach two classes on Indian Mythology Tuesdays September 28 and October 5 at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill. Only $5/class in addition to membership or class pass, $20 drop-in.

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