I just returned from a trip to my hometown of New Orleans to teach a workshop, see family, and celebrate my first Mardi Gras there since 1988. The workshop was about the koshas, the dimensions or layers of bring that cover our soul, and the participants were in “Soul School”, the Teacher Training at Sean Johnson’s Wild Lotus Yoga (Sean’s kirtan band will be here in May, stay tuned!). It was lovely to share these ancient concepts with a group so committed to yoga as a journey to the soul.

The last few years have been soul-searching for New Orleans residents. Anyone living there has made a conscious choice to stay, be it for family, music, or the sense of spirit and history that is carried through the architecture, the clanging streetcars running on St. Charles Avenue, and the friendly and spunky people.

If there’s a city that knows how to deal with challenge but continue to put on a great show, it’s New Orleans. During the day we visited the French Quarter to see street musicians and eat beignets, and at night we lined the streets with hundreds of locals and Mardi-Gras fans to watch the night parades. My family was blown away by the pageantry, the music, the strong sense of community, and the sunny weather! Mardi Gras is not what most people think (drunken mobs of college students on spring break?). It is a creative hurricane of papier mache floats, witty costumes, and high school marching bands. Here are a few of the 300 (!) pics of our time in the Big Easy. Y’all head down there soon, hear?!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe

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