1502_City_Arts_fbookThis month our Yoga Math theme is Love+Devotion=Bhakti. Hopefully we all know what LOVE is, and that it makes the world go ’round. DEVOTION can be to a person, to a deity/the divine, or to a cause or activity. When we DEVOTE ourselves we give over or commit our resources to that chosen aim. We may give from the heart, give alms from our pocketbook, or volunteer time, but we surrender something to that cause or concept. BHAKTI is a Sanskrit word that refers to devotion to the divine. It may be expressed in prayer, or song, or dance, or any form of creative expression. It is an attitude, a state, an action, a type of practice. It is one of the paths or margas to yoga. Join me for the next free Many Paths Teacher Panel on February 8th and I’ll discuss this equation at 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge with Karen Gamble, Melina Meza & Lauren Kite.

February has become the time at 8 Limbs when we come together as a community to DEVOTE ourselves to practice. The 28 Day Commitment came from a desire to share the benefits of and remove obstacles from daily practice.* I love the sangha (community) this creates every year, and have already experienced such beautiful revelations and commitments on the dedicated Facebook page. Starting tomorrow all 150+ participants will receive daily inspirational and informational emails to help us along with our DEVOTION and COMMITMENT to this month of practice. You can sign up after we start, but if you register BY February 1st you’ll be eligible for our big giveaway (see below for more information). DO IT FOR THE HAWKS!!!

Tomorrow is also the first day of a brand new schedule. We’ve added classes, made little tweaks, and want you to know what’s coming. The changes are highlighted on the  8 Limbs Blog: Spring Schedule and are now live on our online schedule. Printed schedule are available at all four studios.

The following tuition rates will increase on February 1st (current rates apply til then!): 10 class pass, 6 and 12-month Autopay, 6-week series. And good news for students in Prenatal, Postnatal and Yoga for 50+! These classes will be included in class passes and memberships starting Sunday.

Have a great February!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Owner & Studio Director

*daily practice can include home practice, studio practice, practice on the road, practice in your bed; it can be asana, pranayama, meditation, kirtan, anything that is done with the intention to create steadiness and calm, the state of yoga.

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