Join us on 8 Limbs Yoga Centers Livestream, with over 50 Yoga + Fitness classes/week!

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Classes will continue to be added/adjusted so keep checking the schedule. If you are asked for a passcode use 8limbs

Support 8 Limbs Yoga Centers by purchasing props through Manduka’s  “Support Our Studio” program. Click here to purchase and enter the code 8LIMBSYOGA. 8 Limbs will receive 25% of your purchase price.


Updated Waivers

Have you updated your waiver yet? Come on now, you can do this! Click here to learn more or click here to complete! Thank you so much for your cooperation.


Below are some helpful tips to make your online practice experience with 8 Limbs more easeful and enjoyable. It may look long, but it’s just to be supportive. After the first time it’ll be easy peasy!


You must register in advance to attend all 8 Limbs Livestream classes through our website or the MindBody app. Access our schedule here. As soon as you register you should receive a confirmation email with waiver and a link to your class. 

  1. If you have been to 8 Limbs before, you should already have a MindBody account that is connected to your email address. As you register, use your email to log in on the MindBody app or navigate to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com
    1. Be sure to use the email you’ve given to us previously to sign in.
    2. If you are not able to sign in, it may be because you’ve never created an online account. Please DO NOT enter your name and information again or you will create a new account that won’t be linked to any previous purchases or history. Instead, enter your email address and “Need New Password.” If this happens on accident we can help, just email membership with “help to merge accounts” in the subject, just email us at memberships@8limbsyoga.com or text 206.207.7271.
  2. If you are new to 8 Limbs, please create a new account.
  3. If you aren’t sure if you have an account try “Need New Password” with your email address to see if we have an account for you.
  4. Please make sure your email address is current and that you are subscribed to receive our email updates on the INFO tab so you can receive the link that will be sent to you upon registration and 15 minutes prior to the start of the class.
  5. Two adults watching on one screen? We request, as in the studio, that each of you purchase a class or membership. Kiddos and four-legged are welcome to join their parents for “regular” classes at no charge!
  6. Kids and Tween/Teens should have their own sign-ins and payments for Kids and Tween/Teen classes.
  7. To Download the MindBody app for iPhone / iPad here:https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mindbody-fitness-salon-spa/id689501356
  8. Be sure to check your Junk Mail folder if you don’t see your invitation in your inbox.

MindBody FAQ:

I’m an Autopay member and MINDBODY is asking to make purchase when I go to sign up for a class.

Mindbody will not allow members to sign up for classes that occur past their current month. Once your membership renews, you can sign up for classes again.


We are using Zoom to livestream our classes, which works on laptops, iPads, and smartphones. You should be able to just click the class link to start your class, but here is how to get fully signed up for Zoom on your computer or device:

  1. Prior to your first class, download the Zoom app for desktop or mobile using the same email address.
    1. For iPhone or iPad:Click here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id546505307  or search the App Store for ‘ZOOM Cloud Meetings’  and click ‘Get’
    2. For Android: Click here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings  or search in Google Play for ‘ZOOM Cloud Meetings’ and click ‘Install’
    3. For Desktop PC/Mac: You do not need to Pre-install the app but it is recommended so that you are prepared when the class starts. You can do that here: https://zoom.us/client/latest/ZoomInstaller.exe
    4. For Mac: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/203020795-How-To-Install-on-Mac
  1. Create a Zoom account. If you already have an existing account, open up Zoom and click ‘Sign In’.
    1. Mobile:  If you do not have an existing account, click ‘Sign Up’ Enter your first name, last name, and email address. Click  ‘I agree to the Terms of Service’ and ‘Sign Up’
    2. Desktop: Click the Blue ‘Sign Up, It’s Free” Button and complete the registration.


Moments after you register, an automatic email with a class link will be emailed to you. The link is an orange button that says LIVESTREAM YOUR CLASS. Depending on when you register  you will receive another email and a text 15 minutes prior to the start of class, all of which will have a class link. Please be sure to check your Junk or SPAM folder if you don’t see the invitation in your inbox AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER.

Now, enjoy your practice with your favorite teachers! Enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of being able to practice in your own space! See familiar faces!

Please respect the work and time we and our teachers put into this offering and do not record these classes. We will begin to offer recordings as soon as we are able.

We are deeply honored to be invited into your homes and to share this time with you.

Tips to ensure you and others enjoy your Livestream experience through Zoom hosted by 8 Limbs Yoga Centers: 

  • For the best experience, you’ll want to join us from a device with a video camera and microphone. This way, we can both see and hear you before and after class. You have the option to join class without video, if you prefer.
  • VIEW Choose “Gallery View” to see all participants and instructor or “Speaker View” to show only the person speaking, whether it’s the teacher or a participant. If you want to see only one person (such as your teacher), click on their image and choose “Pin Video”, or “Spotlight” if it’s an option.
  • MUTE When you join your class, your mic will be muted. Before and after class you can unmute to say hi to your teacher or participants. Otherwise all participants should remain muted.
  • VIDEO You choose whether or not you want to be seen by others with “Stop Video” or “Start Video.”
  • Keeping Video On places a higher demand on your internet connection. If things get fuzzy, try turning video off.
  • If for any reason other students become the main image you see, click on your teacher’s image and select “Pin Video.”

NOTE: If you are registering for a class more than a few days in advance, the button may not be live. Please look to the confirmation text/email 15 min before your class is scheduled to begin for the correct link!



Please know that we are working out all the kinks as quickly as we can. Your patience with us is much appreciated as we work toward making this experience seamless.


Can I test my zoom set up before taking a class?

After you sign up for your zoom account, you can join a test meeting by clicking here https://zoom.us/test to make sure your audio and video is working. Feel confident you are ready to join your first virtual class. We can’t provide a lot of technical assistance during classes (or five minutes before your class begins!), so testing your set up before your first class is highly advised.

Will I be seen in my house as I am practicing?

That’s up to you! Once you click to join the classroom, you will have the choice to join with or without video. If you choose with, the teacher and other attendees will see you. We are recording some classes but participant images do not show up on the recordings.

Can I change the view so I am only seeing the teacher?

“Active Speaker” view allows you to follow the teacher, while “Gallery” view will show other students in the class. Since you’ll likely be taking class with folks you’ve crossed paths with before, it may be nice to connect in this way, especially before and/or after class. Another way to make this shift is to select the image of the teacher and select “Pin Video.”

May I ask questions during the practice?

When you enter the virtual classroom, your microphone will be muted. This reduces audio feedback for all attendees. You can ask questions or make comments to the teacher only or to the whole group by using the Chat function in Zoom, or at the end of class by unmuting yourself.

What should I do if my internet connection isn’t working well?

If your internet connection slows down during class, try turning off your video camera so you can still see the class, but the teacher and other people in class can’t see you. This often helps decrease the load on your wifi connection.

What is the best browser to use for virtual classes?

Zoom works best when using the Chrome web browser if you are using your laptop and not the desktop or mobile app.

What happens if my class feed suddenly stops?

It’s rare that this happens, but if it does, stay in the virtual classroom and the feed should resume once the problem is navigated by our host. We’re really working hard to get all the little glitches out of the system. Thank you for being patient with us.

Can you help me with technical issues?

We will attempt to provide minimal technical assistance. We encourage you to explore your free Zoom account so that you get used to the format. Your instructor won’t be able to stop class to help you if you are having trouble. If you have technical issues, you can chat and write questions within the Zoom platform. If you have had a difficult experience with your virtual class, please email us at education@8limbsyoga.com to let us know so that we can remedy your account.


What should I do if I don’t have props?

10-minutes before the start of class, please have your yoga space set up; mat or a towel, along with any props you would like to use (get creative: books instead of a block, pillows instead of a bolster, a belt or scarf instead of a yoga strap). If you would like to purchase props, support 8 Limbs Yoga Centers by purchasing props through Manduka’s  “Support Our Studio” program. Click here to purchase and enter the code 8LIMBSYOGA. 8 Limbs will receive 25% of your purchase price. THANK YOU!


How do I pay for my online classes?

Our payment options can be found here.

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