For many of us, a yoga studio is a place to feel safe and comfortable, and trust the people around us, allowing us to relax and let go. Perhaps because of this, a handful of yoga studios in Seattle, including 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge, have been targeted by what seems to be one single individual. This person typically pretends to be a yoga student sometimes even takes a portion of class, and then leaves with merchandise and/or other students’ belongings.

Our brave and astute Phinney Ridge manager Erinn confronted this person when they visited our studio, so we feel that it is highly unlikely they will return. However the incident has raised our awareness of this possibility. To manage it, we are strengthening our behaviors and policies so that our staff and students can feel safe. We are working with community officers and other yoga studio managers/directors to strengthen our communications and support.

What can you do? We ask that all students consider leaving their valuables at home. If this is not possible, be sure to bring into the studio and place in a cubby. If that doesn’t feel safe enough, you may place valuables next to your mat, neatly, but any cell phones must be completely powered down, not only on airport mode. We recommend you take similar precautions when visiting other studios, twenty have been hit!

Thank you for trusting 8 Limbs with your yoga practice. We will continue to do our best to offer you a safe, relaxing, and sacred space and will continue to be responsive and proactive.

Posted by: 8 Limbs

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