Tracy HodgemanHello and happy holidays to all! I don’t know about you, but I am barely recovering from Thanksgiving, and already we have more holidays coming right around the corner…

Holidays can be fun, busy, stressful, sometimes sad (when we are missing loved ones), excessive (in food, drink, and socializing) and frankly, intensely draining– physically aswell as emotionally. In this season of less sun and more darkness, I really just want to hibernate, and yet our culture asks us to be busier than ever (and jolly as well?)! It’s no surprise that this is the time of year many of us come down with colds, flus and the blues, with our immune systems under attack from so many angles.

Friends, I am here with good news. This Saturday, December 6th, I am hosting our (almost) Winter Yoga Nidra/Yoga Bliss workshop in West Seattle, from 1:30-3:30. We will start with a gentle all body self massage (sounds good already, doesn’t it?), a little aromatherapy, and finish with a long and relaxing Yoga Nidra, complete with a Sankalpa, or positive intention setting to help you steer skillfully through life, including the busy-ness of this season. This workshop is designed to relax and renew you on every possible level. It’s a mini hibernation, a staycation, a much needed opportunity to turn inward, to allow our nervous systems to recover, our immune systems to recharge, and our fractured minds to quiet. Ahhhhhh.

I hope you will join me. Please dress warmly and comfortably (leave the belts and bras behind). We have blankets, bolsters and eye bags, feel free to bring any additional pillows or props that you might like (think cozy).

This workshop is suitable for all levels, I invite you to bring friends/family members. For more info click here. See you soon!

Posted by: Tracy Hodgeman

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