Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.08.39 PMToday, July 31st, with the appearance of the first full moon to occur after the summer solstice (approximately 6:43 am EDT), we celebrate GURU PURNIMA 2015!

Just as we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to honor our parents, similarly, the sages have assigned this first full moon day in the Indian month of Asadh (July/August) for the student to honor his/her Teacher. The Sanskrit word for full moon is ‘purnima’, and so this day is known as ‘Guru Purnima’…the day when students express their love, devotion and gratitude to their Teacher(s) for the many gifts of love and grace which the Teacher has so selflessly and unconditionally shared with them.

It is a time when the planet and all life upon it are most receptive to the cosmic energy and possibilities. On this day, the energy of the Divine flows more profoundly through the form of the Guru, and the Guru’s love for his students expands and fills their hearts. The unique union of the hearts of the Guru and student manifests exquisite and unimaginable opportunities for the growth of the student. It is a union of love so powerful and unique that it actually further and more deeply attracts and pulls the very presence of the Divine closer to us.

Compared with other times, on this day the process of removing karmic blocks, fears, and doubts becomes more possible and reaches far deeper. Therefore, beginning tomorrow, and continuing throughout the next six months (till the winter solstice,) it is the best time to strive for evolving and experiencing all the beautifully divine possibilities that are innate in each and every one of us. Guru Purnima is a powerful reminder to us all of the possibility that a human being can evolve beyond all limitations, if willing to strive.

On this sacred day, begin a new sadhana (practice) and do whatever is possible, whatever feels comfortable in the unlimited realm of your heart to take your practice and the evolution of your soul to the next level.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe

This information was shared as written by Parayoga, and is passed on in reverence to my teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker and his teacher Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

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