This month at 8 Limbs we are focused on Commitment. Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration of romance and commitment to another. We say commit to yourself, and to your practice, all month long!

We are hosting our first 28-Day Commitment in February, and urge you to join our sangha (community) of 8 Limbs Teachers, Staff, and Students to support one another in a daily practice, whether it’s in the studio or at home, for 5 minutes a day or 2 hours. GET COMMITTED, we say, and are completely prepared to support you in that, with daily inspirational emails, Facebook Group, and a Restorative package for one lucky winner.

To me a commitment is a container, a vessel that can hold us. Commitment can help us to place our intentions and energy mindfully. It can give us limits, clear expectations and structure. It can strengthen our will and resolve.

In December at the Yoga of Fulfillment workshop with Rod Stryker we all worked on a Dharma Code, a statement of commitment to guide our actions and choices. Mine was:

Supported by the yogic tradition, I stand strong and release the fetters of attachment to fulfill my loving relationships and dharmic commitments in a sustainable way.

I cannot tell you how helpful this has been in the last month. Because I truly, deeply “got” how important practice is to my ability to function and do what I need to do, and put that understanding into words, I have been unwavering in my commitment to daily practice. Without it my life just doesn’t work. I get anxious, I procrastinate, I worry, I shirk. With practice I am supported able to be fully in relationship, and fully present for my work.

The word commitment means dedication, or application. When we have a commitment to something or someone, we orient our lives around that commitment rather than putting it last.  Is yoga important enough for you to put it at or close to the top of the list for just 28 days? Rather, are YOU important enough to yourself to commit to your physical and mental health and wellbeing?

Whether you join us or not, pick something to commit to this month that you can sustain, and complete. Look for Facebook posts about this subject and let us know how it goes!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

Read 8 Limbs Executive Director Ashley Dahl’s Blog Post about her own yoga commitment and tips for joining us in the 28 Day Commitment. 

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