Small Mouth Sounds is a play by Beth Wohl.

After being a hit in New York and then as a touring production, Small Mouth Sounds is having it’s Seattle premier at 12th Ave Arts with Thalia’s Umbrella, featuring 8 Limbs teacher Douglas Ridings. It runs April 18 through May 11th.

In Small Mouth Sounds Douglas plays a yoga teacher – you could say he’s been preparing for this role for nearly 20 years! The play is set at a silent yoga retreat. So, there is very little dialogue; the story is told primarily through physical action. It is a comedy, mostly, but also raw and emotional. It offers a compassionate but blunt critique of the modern yoga world while also showing how much a silent retreat can help people to connect and develop.

Douglas would like to give fair warning that he appears “sans costume” in one scene. If you think this might complicate your relationship with him, you could bring a fan to shield your eyes. Insert winking emoji here.

Purchase tickets here.

Posted by: 8 Limbs

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