Tapas  refers to a particular type of energy – a blend of discipline, passion and courage. It’s the sort of energy that propels us into acting in accordance with our heart, and on behalf of who and what means a great deal to us. Whether you have just a couple of minutes or twenty, the meditation below is one way to cultivate and channel your tapas.

How do you build tapas? I always love hearing what supports folks in their practices, you can reach me at ashley@8limbsyoga.com.


Channel Your Tapas Meditation

Establish Your Seat

Find a posture where you can feel both relaxed and alert. Invite an inward focus by softening your gaze or closing eyes all together.

Energize with Breath

Direct attention to breath, wherever you sense it most readily. Begin to match the lengths of inhales and exhales to a count of 4 (If this feels like a strain, back off to 2 or 3.) Notice the way inhalations innately feed and revitalize your body. After several rounds, lengthen your inhalation to a count of 6, feeling sensations of nourishment with every in-breath.  (If at any point breathing feels like a strain reduce the length of inhalations.) After several rounds, further extend inhalations to a count of 8, again abiding with the experience of being nourished. After several rounds, if available, add a pause at the top of each inhalation (for a count of 1-4), and feel into that pause and any corresponding energy.

Strengthen with Joy

Let go of any modifications to resume a natural breathing rhythm. Bring to mind the experience of watching a smile suddenly spread across someone’s face –  delight making itself known in mouth, eyes, presence… As you attune to this person’s delight, notice what sensations arise in your body.

Then bring to mind something that brings you joy. Big or small, just see what naturally arises. Take a minute or more to feel into any physical sensations or microsensations in your body as you hold this joy in awareness. Give yourself time to become intimate with how joy expresses itself in your body.

Channel Your Energy

Now ask yourself, how do I want to contribute (to my well-being, family, community, the world…)? What will that take? What am I willing to do to make that happen? Rather than mining for answers, might you be open to insight emerging on its own? Knowing sometimes wisdom makes itself known later, can you simply remain open to insight and inspiration arising?

Posted By: Ashley Dahl, MSW, 8 Limbs Leadership Coach


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