Traveling during the upcoming holidays has its pluses and minuses. You know it will be great to see family and friends, but the enhanced airport security measures stress you out. Then there’s sitting in a safety-oriented airplane seat that was not built for comfort. With a few planning tips and yoga poses to do at the boarding gate and on the plane you can arrive feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Travel guru and 8 Limbs Teacher Training Graduate, Michael Huffman, was a road warrior for 20+ years in corporate America as a compliance manager. According to to this veteran traveler, flying doesn’t have to be stressful. Some of the stress-reducing tactics he’s developed include planning tips, ways to relax en-route to the airport, essential things for your carry-on bag and yoga poses to do at the boarding gate.

These ‘Strategies for Zen-like Air Travel’ include some suggestions to make the visit ‘home for the holidays’ more relaxing and pleasant:
• Planning 24 Hours Ahead of the flight:
– Clean a stainless steel water bottle & let it air-dry overnight
– Put a drop of lavender essential oil on a blindfold
– Packing List Essentials for the Carry-On Bag:
– Ear plugs to reduce body fatigue from engine noise on board
– A sweater or fleece you can roll up and use as lumbar support

• On the Way out the Door & En-Route to the Airport:
– Wear slip-on shoes and empty all pockets of cell phones, keys and coins prior to arriving to speed through security
– Take a few inhales and exhales en-route to the airport; Inhale 1-2-3-4, Exhale 4-3-2-1

• Boarding Gate Yoga (find a place away from TV monitors):
– Sitting in a Chair: Easy forward bend and elbow circles
– Sitting on the Floor: Badha Konasa and Virasana Twists

In addition to those ‘Strategies for Zen-like Air Travel’, Michael has developed 24 sitting and standing poses that can be done on the plane in his Practical Yoga Series: AIRPLANE YOGA. Each yoga pose includes an illustration and a text description of how to enter the pose. To find out more information about Michael, his Practical Yoga Series, as well as the iPhone App and iBook ‘enhanced’ versions, visit his website at http://thezenguy.com/store/airplane-yoga/

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