8 Limbs is partnering with City Arts Magazine to profile local artists who practice yoga at 8 Limbs. To coincide with the Seattle International Film Fest, May 17 – June 10, in the May issue we highlight Filmmaker, Programmer, and Curator Adam Sekuler, Program Director at The Northwest Film Forum. Adam has brought Northwest Film Forum into a national leadership position in alternative film exhibition, curating individual films, thematic series, director retrospectives and film festivals since 2006. Before arriving in Seattle, Adam was the programmer for the nation’s first and only dedicated non-fiction theatre, The Bell Auditorium. He is also co-founder of Search and Rescue, an ongoing effort to present and preserve discarded archives of 16mm films. Here’s what Adam thinks about yoga, the creative process, and the teachers he has encountered at 8 Limbs.

What brought you to yoga?
I had been thinking about doing yoga for a long time. I received an introductory 6 week program as a birthday gift, and it’s been the best gift I’ve ever received!

How long have you practiced yoga?
Four Months now.

How does yoga support your art?
As someone who spends an awful lot of time in an editing chair, Yoga keep my mind and body in good condition to do my work. Some of the somatic qualities of yoga also come in handy as I find myself frustrated in my own creative process. They really help calm the spirit.

Why practice at 8 Limbs?
I’ve now visited a couple of yoga studios and I must say that the teachers at 8 Limbs really help you find your body’s pathway into the practice.

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