I moved to Seattle in August of 2006 and in September I found what was to become my yoga home at 8 Limbs. My first class was with Jenny and the detail of her instruction was nothing like I had experienced before. As I attended more classes with different teachers at 8 limbs I discovered this was a common thread and I signed up for a monthly membership which has graduated into an annual one.

I want to be able to practice yoga for the rest of my life and I really appreciate the expertise of the teachers at 8 Limbs. I am continually challenged by the them and continue to grow in my practice both physically and mentally. My mat is my sanctuary and that sanctuary rests very happily and comfortably at 8 Limbs.

Happy 15 year anniversary and heartfelt thanks to Anne Phyfe, Jenny, Andreas, Douglas, Dawn, Jamie, and from the past, Greg, Maygan and Troy for the inspiration and guidance with my practice and increasing love of yoga.

Namaste and Sláinte, Tom

Neighborhood Studios