8 Limbs has celebrated its Birthday, or Anniversary, on what seem to be auspicious years, such as the first few (wow, we made it!), the 5th, 8th (it had to happen), 10th and now its 15th year in operation. In the past we’ve held parties, “fashion” shows, or just sent out a “YAY” email, but this year we celebrated in many ways at once: daily specials, Tweeted milestones with old photos posted to Facebook, held benefit classes on October 13 that raised over $800 for local non-profits, and the finale Free Celebration class on Saturday, October 15th at the very first room 8 Limbs occupied, Surya at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill.

Dawn Jansen, who was on the very first 8 Limbs schedule, was slated to teach the 5pm class. With Dawn still recovering from the flu 8 Limbs Owner Anne Phyfe Palmer stepped in to teach a class about shakti, which means power or capacity, and how our yoga practice can help us to build shakti, enabling us to fulfill our own personal dharma, or purpose. It takes power AND capacity to make anything big happen, whether it’s starting and sustaining a business, or finishing a masters degree, or climbing a mountain!

The class was beautifully accompanied by Stephen Fandrich, who played enormous gongs and a xylophone to support the flow of the class. The music set the tone for a contemplative and relaxing practice. Stephen plays music every Wednesday for Douglas’ 5:45 Level II-III and 7:15 Level I classes. Check them out!

The grand finale was an Odissi Dance to Shiva by 8 Limbs instructor Douglas Ridings. Douglas, who has just been chosen to participate in a national Odissi performance, was in full dress and held everyone’s attention with his movements, expressions, and Shiva-like stomps.

Thanks to all of you who joined us to celebrate this momentous day!

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