Our mission at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers is to create a supportive, inclusive, and non-competitive atmosphere in which yoga practitioners can learn and grow.

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The name “8 Limbs” comes from the Sanskrit term Ashtanga and refers to the eight limbs, or aspects, of yoga: Yama (ethical disciplines), Niyama (rules of conduct), Asana (postures), Pranayama (restraint or expansion of the breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (absorption). At 8 Limbs Yoga Centers our drop-in […]

Anne Phyfe Palmer, Owner/Studio Director Anne Phyfe Palmer founded 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in 1996 to provide an inclusive and welcoming home for yoga practitioners in Seattle. Raised in New Orleans, Anne Phyfe came to Seattle in 1993 via Vermont, where she completed her BA in English and Women’s Studies and developed an interest in […]

Before or after your next class, we hope you will take some extra time to enjoy a complimentary cup of tea, visit with our 8 Limbs staff and other students, and take a stroll through the boutique. Our boutiques are designed to be fun to shop and also support your practice at 8 Limbs – […]

Over the past 20 years, 8 Limbs has received numerous awards and media attention. Here are a few: AWARDS Heart of Seattle Finalist 2017 by Chinook Book Reader’s Choice Best Yoga Studio 2016 by Seattle Magazine Best Yoga Studio on Capitol Hill 2015 by Yoga Panda and Seattle Yoga News Finalist King County Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year […]

At 8 Limbs our Community Giving takes several routes. Starting in 2016 8 Limbs will choose one local non-profit that has a connection to yoga and/or mindfulness and support that organization through the following efforts: Raise awareness in our 8 Limbs community of non-profit. Donation of percentage of profits for the month of May. Thanksgiving Day […]

Coming to 8 Limbs for the first time? Please find our New Student Release Waiver here for you to download, fill out and return to your home studio with your first visit! Release and Student Record Form 500 Hour Application 500 Hour Enrollment   If you are interested in subbing or teaching at 8 Limbs […]