28_Day_Cozumel_Stuart_GlascockAs the owner of 8 Limbs I have taken great satisfaction in watching the one room second floor studio at 500 E Pike St. grow into a four studio business that employs fifty+ employees, offers health insurance for those working 24+hours and a SIMPLE retirement plan that matches employee contributions (yoga teachers need retirement savings too!).

But nothing has been more fulfilling than watching the PEOPLE of 8 Limbs expand themselves. This past month I have had the privilege of meeting and hearing about the amazing growth and change that the 150+ participants of the February 28-Day Commitment experienced through the simple act of committing to daily practice. By doing what they set out to do, they met obstacles, and successes; they met other practitioners, and their own demons. They practiced with friends. They made new friends. They took it with them it on the road. And they won raffle prizes! Even if you didn’t join the commitment, you were part of this month-long event as fellow practitioners, teachers, sources of inspiration.

This week Ashley Dahl, 8 Limbs Executive Director (and co-creator of the 28-Day Commitment with Megan Costello in 2013 and Lauren Kite in 2014) took inspiration from Ron Burgundy of the movie Anchorman in the 8 Limbs Staff Retreat. She ended our day-long strategic planning meeting by asking us to all say why “I’m Kind of a Big Deal.
Her point was that we all do amazing things, at work, at home, in our practices, and we can learn from our buddy Ron to take a little more pride in what we do, to acknowledge the accomplishments, big or small.

So whoever you are, whether you took the Commitment or not, here’s YOUR chance to win a prize: I’d like you to take a moment and consider what makes you a big deal. It helps to say “I’m Kind of a Big Deal because….” and end with “And that’s why I’m a Big Deal.”

Go on, do it. I dare you. Say it out loud, and then post it on the 8 Limbs Facebook page. If at least 28 of you post on the link to this blog post and we’ll do a drawing of all the responses and give a FREE MONTH at 8 Limbs to one VERY Big Deal.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Owner, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

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