Philosophically Yoga & Ayurveda share the same purpose: to bring ourselves into balance & unity and ultimately awaken to our true nature or the realization of the Self.

These traditions developed together in India and share the same Vedic roots yet also offer their own unique approaches to obtaining these goals.

Ayurvedic wisdom can inform our practice. We can choose or design practices that are calming, cooling or invigorating depending on what our current state is. We should also consider the time of day and time of year. The main intention of our practice is to leave feeling fully restored, grounded and calm. Our practice should never leave us feeling aggravated or depleted.

Autumn is considered Vata season. As gets cooler and the cold wind blows it is recommended to choose a practice that is grounding, warming & calming. It can also be nice to practice with closed or downcast eyes and not go to our maximum edge. Include warming flow, restoratives, meditation and a long savasana. A surrendering, soft approach to our practice is soothing for the mind and allows  a time of reflection, replenishing our energy. This is so beautiful for the Vata nature.

Posted by: Tami Hafzalla

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