Here are some basic health tips to maintain your fire during the winter. In Ayurveda, winter is the kapha season. The earth and water elements accumulate in our body (adding excess weight) as well as in the organs (stomach and lungs) which can remain damp. The cold dries out the skin, and darkness promotes hibernation or time to converse with the creative muse.

Early Winter Ayurvedic tips to stay healthy:
1. Increase your physical exercise
2. Stay hydrated with warm beverages
3. Add omega-3 rich foods to your diet
4. Rub sesame oil on your body before showering
5. Avoid foaming soaps – they dry out your skin
6. Apply honey to your face, leave on 10 minutes, rinse with warm water
7. Meditate, take time for reflection
8. Practice visualization exercises, draw from your inner muse
9. Moderation with sugar, alcohol, and coffee
10. Sleep like a bear – retreat

Posted by: Melina Meza

Early Winter You Tube Mini-Sequence with Melina Meza

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