Support, it’s a word we all use, but what does it really convey? As a verb, it means to hold up; to bear the weight of; to give assistance to. As a noun, it refers to the thing that offers support, or material assistance. Support comes from a French word, supporter, which is made up of two Latin terms: sub – from below, and portare –¬†to carry. Support originally meant to carry from under or below, to bear, to sustain, to hold up, to prop up, also to tolerate or put up with.

This fall I have been working with some personal challenges that have made it difficult to function as I normally do, while at the same time facing that my “normal” functioning wasn’t actually working. I may say more in the future, but for the purposes of this newsletter, what matters is the depth of support I experienced. It was truly life-altering, and life-affirming. My friends and family literally held me up and showed their love in a way that allowed me to go through rather than around this tough time, and my co-workers took the reins and steered 8 Limbs for more than two months because of their commitment to you, and to one another, and to yoga. It was such a gift, and in the midst all I could do was be carried.

As I begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, I have a radically new understanding of what support looks like. Support can be kind, but it can also be firm. Support can be loud, and it can be silent. Support can be material, and it can be energetic. Support can come from nature, and people, and animals. Support can come from a cozy robe, or a cup of warm tea. And, of course, support can come from the wisdom traditions that have been passed down from person to person for thousands of years.

This month, as the holidays and solstice approach, consider the support(s) in your life. What kinds of food support you? What activities support you? Who are the people who support you – not just friends and family, but also in the people you encounter in the grocery checkout or your favorite coffee shop. How do the arts support you? How does your home – if you have one – support you?

We hope that 8 Limbs is one of your supports. We’re here to help you care for your mind and your body. We’re here to expand your community. We’re here to hold and share the wisdom teachings of yoga. We’re here, and I’m a lot more here than I was, thanks to my support!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Founder & Owner, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

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