I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees.” – Pablo Neruda

Yoga in its full expression is a lifestyle. It invites us to fully express our being by nurturing our bodies and minds, in the context of an interconnected and natural world. Ayurveda (Yoga’s sister science), offers a wonderful tool to support this – dinacharya, a daily routine that consciously brings us into alignment with nature’s rhythms.

Here are three seasonal practices to consider for a daily routine, practices that can help you do with your being, what spring does with cherry trees.

Sensory Walking
With spring in active bloom, take a walk engaging your senses. Notice different expressions of a color, or all colors present. Attune to the flow of your body moving and breathing, as this flow mingles with surrounding movement and stillness. Pause now and again to take in a blossom’s fragrance, run fingers along a stretch of bark, or appreciate sunlight warming skin. Or perhaps explore just how generously receptive you can be with all your senses.

Interior Landscaping
Forage for natural objects (whether from your yard, neighborhood or farmer’s market) and bring them inside. You could choose one object a day, perhaps building an installation over a month or the season. You might create a fresh centerpiece each week in a prominent location. It can be fun to play with color, texture and scent. Can you get curious about how your landscapes look as light shifts throughout a day? Or notice how you feel inside over the course of a week as they further bloom and decay?

Soundscape Sitting
Open a window, or head outdoors, and spend a few minutes abiding with ambient sounds. You might notice the interplay between natural and mechanical sounds. You might also experiment with letting go of the source of sounds, sensing into sounds giving way to sounds, along with experiences of quiet.

If this isn’t practical, check out these soundscape resources.
Andy “soundeziner” Martin. Martin is a sound designer and field recordist from Seattle who engages sound to help people better understand their world. His site includes various regional soundtracks, ranging from dawn in the Olympic National Forest to rides on ferry passenger decks.

Sounds of the Parks. The Sound and Light Ecology Team out of Colorado State University wants everyone to be able to experience the natural world. They’ve put together an impressive collection of recordings from various national parks and other natural habitats.


Posted by: Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P / 8 Limbs Executive Director

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