What makes you feel most alive?

I asked this question in my class on Monday night. I was a little nervous but inwardly insistent to myself that it could be done, that I could throw that into a group and see what happened. It felt a little nervy, and exposing, but also exciting. I asked for a volunteer to speak first, to not force anyone into speaking. Three hands shot up. The excited ones.

The answers that came in were varied: music, connection to others, authenticity, trying something new, the exquisite sadness and simultaneous joy friend dying of cancer who is so completely ALIVE every moment that she is here. Everyone had an answer, everyone shared a piece of themselves, and we all felt a little more alive for it.

This is the time of year many of us feel most alive, but my question was spurred in the interest of identifying WHY, and WHAT it is that supports that. Is it the weather, or is it following your heart? Is it sunshine, or is it meeting a new friend and feeling like you’ve known them all your life? Is it warmth, or is it how we open up to that warmth and can feel more relaxed, spacious, and able to reach out with ease.

What makes you feel most alive? Let us know.

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