Kristina Griffith and 8 Limbs present:
Urban Ashram: Creating a benevolent space of silent reflection
Live music with Stephan Fandrich
Live Performance Art with Sheri Brown
Visual Art by Kristina Griffith
Opening: Saturday, July 7th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Showing through August 15th
8 Limbs Capitol Hill Boutique
500 E. Pike Street

Urban Ashram
Urban Ashram is a created space for all who are seeking quiet absorption of visual, musical and performance arts curated by artist Kristina Griffith. This evening will invite you to show up and experience art; unlike many art openings where you grab a glass of wine, eat some cheese, make small talk, exchange social networking information and leave. Urban Ashram was created to build upon 8 Limbs aim to be a sanctuary. One has the possibility of being completely transported to another level of awareness just by being in the presence of high vibratory arts.

“A theme that I am attracted to as an artist is taking something from the past and presenting it in a 21st Century incarnate. My aim is fusing together a vision of the embodiment of humans in the ancient asanas or yoga poses that lend themselves easily to imagination, such as Cosmic Dancer, Eagle Arms, Dragonfly, etc., while simultaneously supporting core values of 8 Limbs such as sustainability. The contemporary, contour-line-illustrations are on reclaimed wood panels that littered the shores of the Puget Sound from a low tide earlier this spring. Some people that have peeked at the series speculate the wood debris is from the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. Whether that is true or not, the series encourages such a fresh resolve to an age old practice.”
Kristina Griffith

Posted by: 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

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