Back in December 2013, I experienced Rod Stryker’s course The Four Desires, then called The Yoga of Fulfillment, for the first time. Even though, or perhaps BECAUSE I’d been doing personal work for three decades, in this time-tested process I uncovered one of my deepest driving motivations in life, and crafted my very own Dharma Code:

I choose presence, intimacy, and sustainable shakti.

The word dharma refers to one’s purpose, or duty, in the Sanskrit language. My Dharma Code helps me to make choices in my personal, spiritual, AND work paths, and it is a distillation of all that is valuable to me, and my life has shifted dramatically as a result, allowing me to create and execute Sankalpas, commitments that come from the heart. Equally importantly, this statement of purpose has helped me to navigate what was getting in the way of presence, intimacy, and sustainable creativity–my unconscious driving desire, called Vikalpa in Sanskrit.

Here’s where I blush and cover my face a little, as it’s, well, intimate, but since that’s what I value, I will admit that my own Vikalpa is: “I want to be liked/admired/adored by EVERYONE.” Once I uncovered this desire I became able to watch it and understand how utterly unsustainable and unfair this drive was. It was keeping me FROM the risk of certain types of creativity, whilst urging on unsustainable expansion and originating.

The information in The Four Desires comes from ancient yogic texts and is presented in a system that allows both regular practitioners and those who have never practiced yoga to benefit. Many of you have received similar teachings in your studies with Terilyn Wyre and Tracy Hodgeman in their Sankalpa retreats and workshops, and from Gary Kraftsow in his Yoga Therapy for Depression and Anxiety workshop in May.

Since 2013 I have taken The Four Desires two more times, once as a teacher interested in learning how to offer this powerful system, and once with my husband and two close friends. My Dharma Code has shifted only slightly. I added “I experience luminosity at my core” after realizing how utterly this statement disables most of my obstacles to presence and intimacy.

Rod Stryker will return to 8 Limbs to offer The Four Desires this fall, September 22-24, 2017. I hope you’ll consider joining us to dive into your deepest driving motivations, purpose, and and explore how ancient yogic science can offer the keys to lasting fulfillment. Register now to get the early bird rate (through September 1) for this powerful event.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Founder & Studio Director

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