The last Monday night of each month I teach the 7:15 – 8:30pm Capitol Hill class with a focus on the chakras. It is a cycle I so enjoy, moving through the chakras once a year to address the unique characteristics, issues, and energy of these levels of consciousness that we all hold within our physical bodies. I began this study with one of my two main teachers, Shari Friedrichsen, back in 1999. She opened me to a whole world within my body, and a potent way to physically move through sticky psychological issues.
Chakras are energy centers, places where the lines of energy that run through our bodies, called nadis in Yoga (similar to meridians in Chinese Medicine), intersect. There are thousands of chakras, but the one we most hear about are the seven main chakras, or wheels, that are just in front of the spine from the root to the throat (1-5), in the third eye center (eyebrow level but set back in the brain), and the crown of the head.
In February our focus of the month is the Chakras, so you may hear your teachers bring their perspective of this way of viewing the energetic body in their classes. We chose this as our way to embrace Valentine’s Day, a day so connected to the heart chakra. May you have a sweet sweet Valentine’s Day, and fall deeper in love with your Self, your Soul, and through this, everyone in the world. I’ll be posting weekly blogs on the chakras throughout February, so stay tuned, and let me know if you have questions or comments I can address by posting a comment.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

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