2014-12-04 12.19.57Last weekend a storm of organizing frenzy swept across our house. At 3pm on Saturday I sat at the eye of the storm, surrounded by papers and reading through a book of poetry I gave as a Christmas gift at age twelve. Handmade gifts were de riguer in our family and I had photocopied fifteen carefully handwritten poems for each recipient and secured each set in a folder with three metal clasps that fanned like two legs doing the splits.

And then they were out there, like parts of me, naked, running around utterly exposed. It felt both terrible and essential at once.

Within a few years my creativity outlets dried up. I quit piano and choir, stopped taking art (hello public school budget cuts) and my writing become analytical rather than creative as an English major with papers to write and books to critique. Around the same time I developed an eating disorder and become more of a perfectionist.

I used to think that I stopped making art because I didn’t think one could make a good living as an artist, or because I wasn’t good enough to do so, but now I think I stopped because everyone wouldn’t like what I produced. That terrified me. So I squashed the flow and it redirected into a river of anxiety.

I can look back now and safely say that one of the results of this suppression was 8 Limbs. I put my creativity into business and yoga for fifteen years before I stopped to realize that my drive wanted a new avenue and I returned to creative writing.

Once I opened this new valve, 8 Limbs has been able to strengthen and grow from the impetus of the business, not my own hubris or ambition. And I have an almost completed manuscript. And we just got a used piano!

So that’s my creativity story. What’s yours? What do you do to allow your juices to flow? How does yoga support your creativity? What needs to be reawakened?

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Founder and Owner, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

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