It never seems to fail. No matter how much older and further away I get from the carefree summers of my youth, no matter how wet, cold, dreary or short that season Seattle calls “summer” actually is, I just can’t help but feel like summer is the time for loosening up boundaries and plunging feet first into uncharted experiences.

So when the opportunity to teach yoga outdoors at the Olympic Sculpture Park first presented itself, I jumped at the chance. As a yoga instructor, sculptural artist and lover of the outdoors, I was more then delighted to help bring these worlds together, but to be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect. Who would come? How many people would be there? Would they be able to see or hear? Would the practice be too hard? Too easy? Would they like me? Would the weather affect us?

Turns out the answers to all of these questions were easily defined within minutes of my first session. Who came? Everyone. We had families with children practicing on towels that had never done yoga before, older folks who felt some of the practice was clearly for the ‘younger people’, advanced practitioners who wanted full wheel every class, people from Seattle, Issaquah and even Maine and one or two people who just so happened to be walking in the park with no intention of stumbling into our yoga class that managed to do just that, anyway. Were they able to see or hear? Sometimes. Was the practice too hard or too easy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Did the weather affect us? Certainly. Did they like me? I think so. Did any of it matter? Definitely. Regardless of who we were, where we came from and whether or not we intended to be there, regardless of whether we could see or hear, regardless of sun or cloud or rain, we were all there – I mean, really THERE. With the weather brushing against our skin, the smell of the ocean sailing through the air, the unevenness of the ground supporting our feet and with a peace and contentment that radiated beyond any confines of the moment, we practiced yoga.

Posted by: Jen Yaros

Jen also had the pleasure of talking with Akaash Saini from the Weekly Brew. Hear Jen speak more about her outdoor yoga experience and watch yoga in action at the Sculpture Park. To view the video, please follow this link: http://vimeo.com/14322339.

This Saturday, August 28th is the last Saturday to join us for Free Yoga at the Sculpture Park! Join us from 10:00am-11:00am (weather permitting).

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