1511_City_Arts_RonIn addition to our monthly Teacher Profiles, 8 Limbs returns (after a summer off) to publishing monthly Student Profiles. This is where you, our community, can share about your practice and experience with yoga and life. Want to be profiled? See this blog post! We want to hear from you! Our October Student Profile introduces us to Ron G. Judd, star of our ad in the October issue of City Arts Magazine (and not to be confused with Ron Judd, Seattle Times columnist!). To read past Student Profiles click on the link in the Categories list to the left.

Neighborhood: Phinney Ridge

8 Limbs Studio(s) you attend: Most of my practice is at 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge but I’ve also enjoyed workshops at 8 Limbs Capital Hill and 8 Limbs Wedgwood. I am looking forward to a visit of your 8 Limbs West Seattle studio.

Practicing Since: First started practicing in the early 80’s, as a supplement to my Taoist internal martial arts practice. I really liked the way the two practices complimented and built off one another. Unfortunately, due to unexpected turns in my professional work life, I drifted away from a regular practice in the early 90’s, returning, in a serious way, to both my Taoist and Yogic practice in 2013.

Tell us about the first yoga class you took. My first Hatha class was during the summer of, I believe 1982, at the Unity Church, in the south lake union area of Seattle. The teacher was Rama Jyoti Vernon and I was hooked!

Who/what are your teachers? Why? Rama was/is an incredible teacher. Not only did she inspire me but, through her vast connections within the broader yoga community, I was able to meet and practice with other great teachers, such as, Swami Satchidanada, Sant Keshavadas and Baba Hari Dass. In fact, as I was looking into places to practice, two things drove me to dedicated my practice at 8 Limbs. First, you hosted a workshop with Rama, my first teacher, who I hadn’t seen or practiced with for over a decade––I figured this was some sort of Cosmic message. Second, the studio name of 8 Limbs, which in Sanskrit means Ashtanga, just happens to be the style of yoga taught by Baba Hari Dass….another Cosmic message, perhaps? Shortly after Rama’s workshop, I took a couple of other workshops and classes and was hooked on 8 Limbs. I’ve been amazed with the diversity of classes, workshops and series that you offer. Plus, the teachers are great and the studios are professional and really well managed.

Hobbies/interests: In addition to my Taoist and Yogic practices, I love the outdoors.. hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing etc… I also love to garden and I’m very close to finishing the last piece of major work, building a water feature, to complete the requirements for the National Wildlife urban habitat certification program. Finally, I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to help and spearhead major wildlife habitat conservation work, throughout parts of the Northwest but, in particular, the Methow Valley.

Favorite yoga practice/pose and why: My favorite practice is a series of 9 Sun Salutations, followed by Anuloma Viloma, alternate nostril breathing and finishing with meditation.

Movie/book that changed your life: Silence Speaks, from the chalkboard of Baba Hari Dass

One secret that helps you to stay healthy is: Naps! I love to take naps. I don’t believe naps get the credit they deserve, for helping to both rest and recharge the body and mind.

Currently inspired by: Poems of Mary Oliver, Hafiz, Rumi, Thich Nhat Hanh and Hokusai.

Anything you want to share with our community?

“Kind hearts are the garden, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words are the flowers, kind deeds are the fruits. Take care of your garden, and keep out the weeds, fill it with sunshine, kind words and kind deeds.”  – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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