Nancy WickIntroducing the 8 Limbs Student Profile. This is where you, our community, can share about your practice and experience with yoga and life. Want to be profiled? Send the answers to the following questions and a photo to annephyfe@8limbsyoga.com. We want to hear from you!

Name: Nancy Wick

Neighborhood: Wedgwood

8 Limbs Studio(s) you attend: Wedgwood

Practicing Since: 1973

Hobbies/interests: film, theater, reading, social dance

Favorite yoga practice/pose and why: I like the plow because it gives my back a good stretch and brings me face to face with my belly, reminding me not to overeat!

Movie/book that changed your life: There have been so many, but here’s one example from my mid-20s: I got a liberal arts degree, and not knowing what to do with myself, I just got a job. But I was really unhappy, and after three and a half years I decided to take an unpaid leave of absence to think about things. During this time I stumbled upon What Color is Your Parachute? which was then a new book. I started to do the exercises it contained, and soon realized I was in the wrong career field entirely. I screwed up my courage and quit my job, surviving on temporary positions for a year until I broke into journalism, which was where I belonged.

One secret that helps you to stay healthy is: I walk three to five miles every day. I used to walk three miles to work every morning, starting in about 1993. It revved up my energy and gave me quiet time to think creatively. Now that I’m retired, I walk around the neighborhood, doing most of my errands on foot. So I get exercise while completing chores, and I get to know my neighborhood in a way I wouldn’t if I were speeding by in a car.

Currently inspired by: The rich resources available in Seattle (world class libraries and theater, film venues showing something other than blockbusters, diverse people teaching almost anything you’d ever want to know).

Anything you want to share with our community?  I started yoga in my 20s with two teachers—women in their mid-50s. I remember saying then, as I watched them do poses I struggled with, “I want to be like them when I am in my 50s.” Thanks to yoga, I was. Now that I’m in my mid-60s, I study with 78-year-old Matt Nadler. You can guess what I say to myself now.

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