1510_City_ArtsIn addition to our monthly Teacher Profiles, 8 Limbs returns (after a summer off) to publishing monthly Student Profiles. This is where you, our community, can share about your practice and experience with yoga and life. Want to be profiled? See this blog post! We want to hear from you! Our October Student Profile introduces us to Bruce Elzinga, star of our ad in the October issue to City Arts Magazine. To read past Student Profiles click on the link in the Categories list to the left.

Name: Bruce Elzinga

Neighborhood: Greenlake

8 Limbs Studio(s) you attend: Capitol Hill, Phinney Ridge, Wedgwood, West Seattle (Yoga Church!!)

Practicing Since: April 21, 2014

Tell us about the first yoga class you took. I did an intro series about three years ago and started going to classes twice a week.  At that pace, I didn’t get captured by the changes in my body and energy.  I stopped.  On April 21, 2014, I decided to go to a class. On April 22, 2014, I decided to go to a class. On April 23, 2014, I decided…So, I ended up going to class five to six days a week for the last year and a half.  If anyone is wondering, that’s a great way to feel a change in your body and energy. I don’t remember my first class, just my most recent, which was luscious and challenging and left me sure I am coming back for more tomorrow!

Who/what are your teachers? Why? One great thing about 8 Limbs is the four studios and the plethora of classes and teachers available.  When I started, I had about nine teachers as I tried out classes based upon schedule. I soon gravitated toward Douglas Ridings and Jenny Hayo.  I don’t know enough to say why, but I feel I have been carefully taken on a yoga ride that ends with a feeling of great balance and calm.  This summer, I have been enjoying Terilynn Wyre for her energized, expressive style of yoga.  We sing and sweat and feel the groove of her latest “love” playlist!

Hobbies/interests: I am a singer songwriter fronting Seattle’s least known best folk rock quintet, Rare Elephant.  That is my passion project, unless you count cooking and parenting and partnering and poker (and films and books and great television shows….).

Favorite yoga practice/pose and why: Triangle and half hanuman for my tight hamstrings! Un-supported half-moon because there is no way I could have done that a year ago!!

Movie/book that changed your life:  I know I am supposed to say The Yoga Sutras, but alas, no.  Haven’t cracked them yet.  I have such a huge movie and book life that I cannot say that any one has “changed” my life. The best I can do is to say “whatever I am watching or reading is usually the best ever” due to very good taste.

One secret that helps you to stay healthy is:  I do what I love and love what I do. Look for my simple one sentence self-help book on its way soon!!

Currently inspired by: My daughter and her generation as they do the hard work of growing up.

Anything you want to share with our community? If you think that you might want to do an extra yoga class or two because you feel like you have plateaued, DO IT! The difference can be profound in your body!

Recipe? Poem? Quote?

“Bring me to my knees, part of me can see

Held on for this long, arms and legs all wrong

And I’m trying just to be, feel something like free

Bring me to my knees, Bring me to my knees

Take this to heart, this is the start

Of a beautiful, beautiful life.”

From Beautiful Life, Rare Elephant (by Bruce Elzinga)

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