This week’s meditation comes from my teacher Rod Stryker and can be found (along with the Unconditional Healing Meditation posted on May 14) on his CD “Meditations for Inner and Outer Peace” in its entirety.
Sit tall, top of your head directly over the base of your spine. Begin to watch the flow of breath through your nostrils. Balance the flow by focusing on the weaker side for until they feel even.
Bring your attention to the brain. See it as the surface of a still lake. Watch the stillness of the lake. If a thought arises, watch the ripples diminish and return to a state of deep tranquility (several minutes).
Now bring your awareness to the back of your head. Meditate on the image of a full moon at the back of your head, which is the Chandra Bindu (moon-dot). Feel its presence imbuing you with the qualities of the moon, see its profound nurturing expansion in your consciousness.
Now see a bright ray of moonlight ray out from the back of your head towards the space between your eyebrows. See the lake of the mind shimmering with moonlight and meditate on that beam, magnetizing the 3rd eye and moving out into the infinite (several minutes).
Slowly bring your attention back to the breath. Feel that the depth of practice is sealed within you. Practice mental alternate breathing to ground yourself, and then ease back into life.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

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