Amaan Kurji, Owner

Amaan was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He moved to Canada in his early 20s where he earned his degree in Hotel Management. After lengthy stints in senior roles in hospitality and retail in Vancouver and Ottawa, Amaan moved to Seattle in 2010 to manage day-to-day operations of a local hotel developer and operator with multiple upscale locations in the greater Seattle area. In 2018–and with a wealth of knowledge and experience in strategic management and operations–he branched out on his own as a management consultant. He took the reins as owner of 8 Limbs in January of 2020. Amaan is new to the business of yoga but has a daily yoga and meditation practice. He is an avid golfer and lives with his three children in Kirkland, Washington.


Anne Phyfe Palmer, Founder, Director of Programming & Education

Anne Phyfe Palmer founded 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in 1996 to provide an inclusive and welcoming home for yoga practitioners in Seattle. Raised in New Orleans, Anne Phyfe came to Seattle in 1993 via Vermont, where she completed her BA in English and Women’s Studies and developed an interest in Environmental Studies. She has guided 8 Limbs through 23+ years of growth and stability while raising her daughters Lily and Coco with husband Bez, a graphic designer and illustrator. Anne Phyfe has several roles at 8 Limbs: Founder, Teacher Training Director, Member of the Leadership Team, and Yoga Instructor. As Teacher Training Director, she manages the 8 Limbs 200-hour Teacher Training (Summer Intensive and Modular), 500-hour Teacher Training, Prenatal Teacher Training, and Mentorship Program and directs a team of more than fifteen local and nationally renowned instructors in these programs. On the Leadership Team, Anne Phyfe works with four others to steward 8 Limbs according to our mission and social justice mission. Anne Phyfe also teaches weekly yoga classes at 8 Limbs. Her current schedule can be found here. Anne Phyfe’s main yoga teachers are Shari Friedrichsen and Rod Stryker, who are both students of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, spiritual head of The Himalayan Institute. If not at 8 Limbs, you’ll find Anne Phyfe tending to her home and family, out in nature, or engaged in social justice work. She is a committed bike commuter and enjoys walks near her home, especially in the Arboretum. Anne Phyfe also loves to read and write, and is the author of This Life of Mine – a Legacy Journal, published by Sasquatch Books, now on sale at 8 Limbs and in gift and bookshops in your neighborhood!


Joanna Bond, Bookkeeper

In her 20 years of practicing yoga, Joanna has seen her practice change from power flows to gentle dream states, from learning to teaching, from tough times to good, and back again and again. It is through all the ebbs and flows of modern life that the yoga path wanders. She feels lucky to be working for an organization that holds space for students, teachers, and staff of all ages, sizes, beliefs, and experiences, every one of whom has a story to tell. She sees that wisdom and connection come not just from the teacher, but from the student as well, and loves watching community build around yoga classes. Joanna is a mother, artist/writer, and business owner. She has a regular meditation practice, without which she would be freaking out right now! She enjoys creating yoga games, tools, and stories for kids, and finds that adults are just as fascinated by them. They sneak deeper teachings into simple moments, bringing joy to the practice. Joanna is registered through Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Teacher, Children’s Yoga Teacher and Prenatal Yoga Teacher.


Graeme Aegerter, Yoga Programming Coordinator

For over 10 years, Graeme has had the pleasure of building nurturing relationships with 8 Limbs in ever-evolving roles: longtime student, 200-Hour Teacher Training grad, videographer, front desk workstudy member, and now Yoga Programming Coordinator! A firm believer in the power of yoga as a means for personal and collective healing and justice, Graeme is thrilled to bring his passion for program coordination and marketing to support 8 Limbs’ vibrant community and teaching staff. Born and raised in Seattle, Graeme is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and is dedicated to supporting the well-being and wholeness of folks around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Along with a regular yoga and meditation practice, he brings his background in social justice programming and documentary film making to help to share the life-changing 8 Limbs experience with the world. Off the mat, you’ll probably catch Graeme swimming in Seattle’s lakes, climbing trees, playing music, hiking with family and friends, or dreaming up his next road trip.


Shayda Abab, Studio Manager – Capitol Hill

Shayda is thrilled to be a part of the inclusive community at 8 Limbs. She knows that the yogic path can be long and winding and is excited to meet each student exactly where they are. Her love of movement began as a child in dance classes. She spent ten years as a teacher, choreographer and Assistant Director of a dance studio, South Side Dance Force. She completed the 200hr Samarya Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 and since then has continued a personal practice that includes daily gratitude, journaling, and meditation. Shayda feels most calm and connected when dancing, exploring new cities, making art with friends, cooking Persian food or curled up with a good book.

Emily Gewax, Studio Manager – Phinney Ridge

Emily is thrilled to support and celebrate the incredible community at 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge. She enjoys welcoming and connecting students with the classes and teachers that complement their individual needs. Emily is a graduate of the 8 Limbs 200-Hour Teacher Training program. She earned a BFA in Fine Art from Cornish College of the Arts. Outside the yoga studio, she can be found covered in clay, throwing pottery in her studio or teaching art to kiddos (including after-school art classes through Art with Heart, a local arts non-profit). Emily’s self-care and grounding routine includes; practicing yoga, spending time with friends and family, laughing, cooking, baking, hiking, making art, traveling to new places and remembering to breathe… deeply.


Theresa Spencer, Studio Manager – Wedgwood

With eleven years of involvement with the studio, 8 Limbs has known Theresa as a yoga student, a successful teacher, and currently as a Manager for the 8 Limbs Wedgwood Studio. She enjoys helping students find a perfect fit for their practice, matching individual needs, health status and personal goals to the rich and varied teaching styles at 8 Limbs. She emphasizes the freedom to explore classes at all four of the studio locations and encourages a non-competitive approach to yoga. She considers the Wedgwood studio a unique asset for our community, one that involves people of all ages and backgrounds. Theresa has an active home practice, and feels that breath and movement are essential ingredients in maintaining a healthy life style. With a varied entrepreneurial background as an art gallery owner and running an organic farm, she embraces living a balanced life through sustainable practices including yoga, meditation, organic foods, music, art and continual learning.