8 Limbs is committed to being a supportive and welcoming place to learn and grow through the mind-body practices of yoga.

To be both supportive and welcoming, we will examine, and work to dismantle, the systems of oppression that shape our world.

We aim to relate to yoga as a diverse set of historical and contemporary philosophies and practices marked by inequalities. This includes a commitment to deepen our understanding of the ways in which 8 Limbs has been part of, and benefitted from, local and national approaches to yoga that center white, sex/gender- and hetero- normative, economically advantaged, and able bodies.

We commit to investigating and evolving our practices, both as business and as a community of teachers and practitioners.


We recognize that accessing in-studio yoga may require a level of disposal income that could be prohibitive.

In an effort to run a sustainable business, compensate our teachers in a way that supports their thriving, and remove some of the financial barriers where possible, 8 Limbs is proud to offer the following:

  1. an automatic 20% off class passes, drop-ins, and memberships (excludes promotions, series, workshops, trainings, retreats) for students, public school teachers, veterans, seniors, and employees of small non-profits
  2. Access8 program where you may apply for a scholarship towards classes, valid for 6 months upon approval.