Anne_Phyfe_web_2015_by_MMThe word summer comes from the same root as the Sanskrit word “samā,” which means season, or half-year. It refers, of course, to the hot season, the warmest time of year, the opposite of winter, the time when Demeter and Persephone are reunited and everything is allowed to grow.

In past years, summer in Seattle has been a two-month respite from the gray skies of our other season, but lately we are enjoying more of this half-year idea, six months of hot, six months of cold.
At 8 Limbs we are embracing this novel but likely temporary state of our climate. Many of us–both teachers and admin staff–are taking numerous days off, so we headed into summer with an express intention to support this with realistic expectations. We canceled some classes for summer, beefed up our sub list with some amazing teachers, said no to several events, and are waiting til fall to work on our new mobile responsive website.

Right now we are focused on hosting insightful and inspiring James Boag for some incredible summer satsang series, we’ve just wrapped up the 2015 Summer Intensive Teacher Training and Breitenbush Summer Immersion, and free Yoga in the Park classes are scheduled through September. We’re busy planning some exciting offerings for the fall and winter like the 200-hour Modular Teacher Training (nextInfo Session August 10 at 7:15pm), my teacher Shari Friedrichsen‘s visit October 1-3, and some brand new workshops.

We hope you have also been able to fully enjoy summer’s gifts! If you want to make any suggestions for the future, now’s the time to send schedule, teacher, and workshop requests to our Education Coordinator Kathleen. Also let her know what you thought of a recent sub. Please use either “feedback” or “suggestion” in your subject field.

And how about last night’s moon? Learn about the significance of this full moon in our blog about Guru Purnima.

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