Whether you’re in the home stretch of your 28-day commitment, in the midst of a busy week or not quite sure if your head is fully aligned with your heart, it can be helpful to feel into where you stand, so that you may then respond in kind.

Here are four ways to skillfully and compassionately tend to what’s really going on, including a six-minute guided meditation.

Create a Daily Care Plan – Take a few moments upon waking, perhaps with a hand over heart, to reflect on 1-3 simple things you can do to bring care into your day. Schedule a walk around the block after a meeting, set a calendar reminder for a short breath break, reach out to someone who loves you, snuggle with a pet… The idea is to ensure that as you tend to your responsibilities, you also tend to yourself.

Set a Practice Intention – Spend a minute or two in silence before yoga class to notice how you feel. You might do a body scan to detect places of physical tension as well as ease. You might notice your mind state – is it active? Dull? Stressed? Joyful? You might also sense into whether you’re physically tired or your reserves are full, and if your overall energy is settling or not. Depending on how you feel (mind, body and spirit), create a practice intention that kindly supports your presence in full.

Replace Analysis with Attunement – Rather than assessing if you’re going to the gym enough, sufficiently maintaining a clean house, or keeping spending in check… carve out time to reflect on how you feel when you regularly move or don’t move your body; to sense into any difference it makes in your day to live in a tidy home; to become intimate with what your body and mind feel like when you live within your means. Most of us have an easier time maintaining healthy habits when we both stick with what actually makes us feel better on the inside, and when we take the time to feel into that sense of better.


Posted by: Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P / 8 Limbs Executive Director

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