A recent trip to Egypt and the holidays have helped to remind me to daily practice the act of Gratitude:
To enjoy the rainy days in Seattle when water is more expensive than gasoline or requires a two-hour walk in both directions.
To be able to practice Yoga in America in the middle of the week when so many others around the world are simply trying to stay alive.
To choose organic foods when so many people in our country and around the world are starving.
To have a yoga community that encourages and supports the growth of individuals. May we use that support and compassion to find our dharma to improve the world around us.
To count every blessing large and small and always maintain an attitude of gratitude.
As we recognize all we have, we acknowledge all we have to to give. Never for any minute shall we take are lives and opportunities for granted. We are truly blessed. To count these blessings would be a mathematical feat.

Posted by: Marni Yamada

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