Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) Certification

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With Megan Sloan, RPYT, E-RYT 500 and special guest Chiara Guerrieri, Erika Davis, Jacoby Ballard


Important Information pertaining to all 8 Limbs Teacher Training Certification Programs.

Prenatal and Postnatal are life changing journeys that can profoundly affect one’s current yoga practice or be a catalyst for someone seeking out a yoga class. Yoga offers a unique tool to help address the specific discomforts of pregnancy, prepare the body for birth and support healing postpartum.

This four-part yoga training will offer sections ideal for pregnant or postpartum yoga students and birth workers or yoga teachers looking to support students who come to their regular classes. Teachers who opt to delve into all four modules will receive in-depth training in creating safe classes and practices and will explore the nuances of the art of teaching for working with pregnant, birthing and postpartum folks.

Yoga teachers have been enrolling in this training for over 15 years, and now you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Module times are approximately Fridays 5:00-8:30pm (Livestream via Zoom) and Saturday/Sunday 8:30am to 5:00pm daily (Livestream via Zoom).


PART 1:  The Pregnant Body & Modifying Yoga for Pregnancy 

(for teachers, birth workers, pregnant/postpartum yoga practitioners and those certifying as RPYT)

  • Physiology of Pregnant Bodies
  • Anatomical Changes in the Pregnant the Body
  • Anatomy of the Pregnant the Body
  • Assessing & Addressing Complications & Discomforts in Pregnancy
  • Modifying Yoga for Pregnancy


PART 2:  Yoga for Birth & The Postpartum Body

(for teachers, birth workers, pregnant/postpartum yoga practitioners and those certifying as RPYT)

  • Yoga for Birth
  • The Pregnant & Postpartum Pelvic Floor
  • The Pregnant & Postpartum Core
  • Physiology of Postpartum Bodies
  • Anatomical Changes in the Postpartum Body
  • Assessing & Addressing Postpartum Complications & Discomforts


PART 3: Asana for Pregnancy & Postpartum 

(for those certifying as RPYT)

  • Prenatal Yoga Philosophy: What is our Purpose?
  • Warm-Up, Kneeling, Standing, Wall and Seated/Floor Poses for Pregnancy
  • Restorative Poses for Pregnancy
  • Poses for Postpartum
  • Practice Teaching & Feedback
  • Enrollment in February’s Prenatal Yoga Series for observation


PART 4:  The Art of Teaching: Cuing, Sequencing & Adjustments 

(for those certifying as RPYT)

  • Pregnancy & Asana: The Art of Teaching
  • Prenatal Class Sequencing & Structure
  • Postnatal Class Sequencing & Structure
  • Accessible Options for Poses in Pregnancy
  • Sensitivity & Awareness for Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teachers
  • Practice Teaching & Feedback
  • Enrollment in March’s Prenatal Yoga Series for observation


Out-of-Class Requirements:

  • Teach 5 pre/postnatal yoga classes and collect & turn in feedback
  • Turn in feedback on 8 observed prenatal yoga classes
  • Complete & pass written test
  • 1-hour one-on-one mentorship meeting with Lead Instructor




Module 1 $400

Module 2 $400

Enrollment in full training $1400 

8 Limbs is committed to increasing diversity, accessibility and safety in the Pacific Northwest’s yoga community. This includes a commitment to empowering a yoga teacher pool that is representative of the diversity in our area. As one part of these commitments, 8 Limbs offers partial scholarships to applicants of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and/or other under-represented groups. To apply for this scholarship please include a brief description of why you qualify with your application or enrollment.


Certification Completion Requirements

1. Completion of  Parts 1-4.

2. Observation of eight prenatal and yoga series classes (these classes are included in your enrollment in Modules 3 and 4).

3. Passing Grade of 80% or greater on Take Home Test.

4.  Completion of a 1-hour mentorship session with the Lead Instructor scheduled any time during the January-March training dates.

Participants who complete all requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion from 8 Limbs Yoga Centers. They can then submit this Certificate to Yoga Alliance to receive RPYT status.


300 Hour Specialized Teacher Training

These training modules may be taken for credit towards the 8 Limbs 300 Hour Specialized Teacher Training Program, where you can start when you’re ready, and end at your own pace. Learn more here. However, if you are wanting the the RPYT certification, these modules can not also count toward 300 hours.


“Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth: A Guide for Yoga Teachers” by Megan Sloan
“Yoga for the Pregnant & Postpartum Core: A Handbook for Teachers and Students” by Megan Sloan
“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn” by Penny Simpkin
“Birthing from Within” by Pam England
“Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby” by Margo Shapiro Bachman
“The Birth Partner” by Penny Simpkin



Megan Sloan, RPYT, 500 hr E-RYT

Megan has been teaching Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga since 2009. She did her first training with 8 Limbs Yoga Centers as an exploration to deepen her studies as a yoga teacher which then blossomed into a passion for supporting parents in empowering their experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood through the tools of yoga. She has since attended many births as a doula and has had the humbling opportunity to witness and support birth folks in childbirth in a variety of settings from home births to birth centers and hospital births. She currently teaches weekly prenatal yoga classes and offers regular Partner Prenatal Yoga Workshops. She also welcomed a daughter in 2017 and outside of the joys of new motherhood she also finds time to continue teaching through her business Be Strong Mama and writing several books for prenatal teachers including “Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth” and “Yoga for the Pregnant & Postpartum Core”.


Chiara Guerrieri- Yoga Teacher, Anatomy Instructor, Massage Therapist

I began my studies of the body in Italy growing up as the daughter of a PE teacher and a basketball coach.Watching my parents work with students and players gave me a sense of what is possible with movement. In college I studied Physical Education and after moving to the US continued my formation attending massage school and eventually teaching Anatomy and Physiology at the same after graduation.

In the late 90ties I began teaching yoga and Anatomy and Physiology for yoga teacher trainings.My observations of many bodies and their changing needs lead me to work more specifically with the Pelvic Floor and the surrounding musculature.

I use breath to connect mind with awareness to this very important seat of life. I am fascinated by the power of the body to adapt and transform – like the shape shifting of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.It gives me pleasure to dive into the geography and architecture of the physical blueprint to build a more intimate and empowering relationship with this exceptional vehicle of life.


Erika Davis- Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Yoga Teacher

My name is Erika Davis. I am a Puget Sound-based birth worker doula with a focus on childbirth education and postpartum support. I’m also an educator and 200 Hr Certified Yoga Teacher. I’m a transplant from Brooklyn, NY where I completed my initial doula training with Ancient Song Doula Services, an organization focused on training women of color as doulas and making doulas available to parents who may not have considered them before.

I believe that labor, birth, and the postpartum period are holy, sacred times that should be honored and parent-centered. I do this through my business Whole Body Pregnancy. As a society, we tend to see labor, birth and postpartum as three separate events when in fact they all influence one another. We don’t talk about miscarriage and pregnancy loss. We don’t talk about infertility. We don’t talk about abortion. And these are also part of the pregnancy journey.

The founder and owner of Whole Body Pregnancy, it is an offering that aims to bridge the gap. Whole Body Pregnancy is a pause. It’s a reflection. It’s an intention. It asks you to consider the things you know about yourself and what you’ve been told about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It challenges you to reflect on the magnificent and powerful holiness our pregnant bodies manifest. It asks you to be intentional about how you proceed on this path.

More connection to our ancestral roots and teaching. More discussion about our fears and anxieties and worries and how that plays into how we give birth and parent. More centering of Black and marginalized populations. More uplifting of people and joy. More celebration of life and experience. More trauma-informed care. More radical self-love.


Jacoby Ballard- Yoga Teacher, Herbalist, Speaker, Writer, Health Educator, Facilitator

Jacoby Ballard is a social justice educator and yoga teacher who leads workshops and trainings around the country on diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a yoga teacher with 20 years of experience, he leads workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, teaches at conferences, and runs the Resonance mentorship program for certified yoga teachers to find their niche and calling.

In 2008, Jacoby co-founded Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn, to work at the nexus of healing and social justice. Since 2006, Jacoby has taught Queer and Trans Yoga, a space for queer folks to unfurl and cultivate resilience and received Yoga Journal’s Game Changer Award in 2014 and Good Karma Award in 2016. Jacoby has taught in schools, hospitals, non profit and business offices, a maximum security prison, a recovery center, a cancer center, LGBT centers, gyms, a veteran’s center, and yoga studios.

He lives with his partner, child, and innumerable plant friends on unceded Goshute, Ute, Paiute, and Shoshone land, now known as Salt Lake City, Utah. His first book, A Queer Dharma: Yoga and Meditations for Liberation came out in 2021. More at

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