Make way for the next generation! Through yoga, children and teens learn how to relax and interact in a nurturing and non-competitive environment. Yoga practice also increases flexibility, strength and muscle tone and helps children to develop space orientation, body awareness, balance and a sense of harmony. Playful kids yoga classes mix games and songs with the physical postures. All classes are now run as series. Preregistration required, minimum of 5 kids/families required to run a series. To register call or visit the studio you will attend at least 5 days prior to series start date. If registering more than one child, please get in touch with the studio manager of the location you’d like to attend, to receive sibling rates after the first child. We look forward to working with your child in class or camp.

Kids Yoga helps kids get in touch with their bodies, strengthen and relax their muscles, and develop coordination, focus, and confidence. We will practice kid-style asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) in a playful, supportive, and safe environment. Through experiential games we introduce the yamas (how to treat others) and the niyamas (how to treat yourself), deepening a child’s sense of respect and awareness. Yoga is universal! It’s not dogmatic – just healthy fun! Drop your kids off at yoga, and have an hour to yourself. Ages 5 – 10.

Tween/Teen Yoga offers techniques for self-awareness, and thus connects us to inner peace. It helps us deal with life situations from a position of calm and strength. Yoga can be an important sanctuary for “tweens”, a place to develop self-confidence as well as focus while having fun! This series will engage youth aged 10 – 14 through asana practice, meditation, and breath practices.

Family yoga is a time to share, learn and explore while practicing yoga together. Yoga comes to life in this fun and creative workshop aimed to stimulate, relax, and connect. These workshops offer age and developmentally appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, as well as mediation and relaxation techniques in a child and family-friendly environment. The intention of Family Yoga is to build a sense of body awareness through individual, partner, and group poses, as well as foster a sense of inner-peace, self-love within the context of yoga. The classes also incorporate lessons in creativity, positive thinking, personal and environmental awareness, and, most of all, FUN! Themed lesson plans provide fun-filled, hands-on, and educational classes with structure and consistency. Come see why kids LOVE YOGA! Children ages 3-7 with parent and/or extended family member/caregiver.

The following class offers childcare; $5/child

Capitol Hill:

Tuesday 10:00 – 11:30AM, Level II with Kate

Kids + Family Series