Our Beyond Asana series serve as a space for devoted students of the 8 Limbs community to take their practices further, in a way that might not be possible through a drop-in class format. These series will focus on helping students to deepen their practice regardless of what level they are at in their yoga practice. The teachers emphasize building a heightened awareness of the body, on multiple levels, and then using that awareness to access deeper work with asana, pranayama and meditation practices, as well as incorporating yoga philosophy. Teachers build upon their own skills, training, and personal practice to offer an in-depth exploration of one of the many facets of yoga, including themes such as bandhas, koshas, pranayama and more.

Beyond Asana Drop-In Classes


A chance to come together in a group to practice meditation. These classes are not meant to be a training in meditation, rather they are designed to support students’ ongoing meditation practice. Some previous training in Mindfulness Meditation or other meditation tradition is recommended, but not required. Class will include brief meditation instruction, ~20-25 minutes […]

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Satsang, comes from the Sanskrit for “sat” meaning “truth” and sangha which means “group” or “company”. Join the incomparable Natasha for meditation, chanting, and lots of bhakti (devotion). Free, Dana (donations) accepted.

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Beyond Asana Series